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5 Stars

“Very polite and reliable”

Don't let the name scare you. Down to earth friendly and attentive with everyone who walks in the door. Cost is based on need and it is not above average local cost for legal issues. Very polite and reliable.

Renae N.
5 Stars

“Very satisfied with the outcome!”

Brian Spaid is the guy you want for a divorce. He's busy, doesn't always get things moving as quickly as you might want, but he's definitely worth the wait. VERY though, knowledge, tells it like it is, no holds barred! Very satisfied with the outcome!!

Beemer C.
5 Stars

“I was appreciative of this service!”

Seen for DIVORCE Information, a No Charge Consultation. Brian Spaid, Esq. of Franklin, PA was informative & “Straight to the Facts”. He assured you of Pros & Cons of a Typical case. Said it could be Long & Difficult. He then asked about your story. I decided to pursue this Avenue.

Allowed my daughter to conference call in to meetings & cc of visit notes. I was appreciative of this service! Did my name change within a few months.

Always on your side.

Sandra M.
5 Stars

“I have been a client for several years”

Patient and not rushed at all. Very helpful. I learned a lot and appreciate hearing my options. I have been a client for several years.

AnnaClaire C.
5 Stars

“Very knowledgeable”

Very knowledgeable and friendly.

Henry M.
5 Stars

“Provided help with closing in a property sale”

Great law firm, provided help with closing in a property sale.

Varian M.
5 Stars

“Lawyer very helpful”

Easy place to shop. Lawyer very helpful.

Nancy Ryan
5 Stars

“Great Law Firm”

Great Law Firm.

Charlie M.
5 Stars

“Great service!”

Great service!

Tony R.
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